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Why Are Referrals So Important?

Referrals make relationships between businesses and clients stronger. For a business, the idea of having leads that are ready to turn the key is irresistible. For the referrer, the idea of sending business to someone they trust is rewarding to their reputation. To the client referred, there’s a sense of priority felt knowing that a trusted friend or partner is putting them in the right hands for the right job. All around, a good reference builds reputation, revenue, and returns for all parties involved.

Referrals And Incentives

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Sunbelt Finance offers $200 for qualified referrals. This means that anyone can make a decent “finder’s fee” by simply referring business to us. Upon closing the referral as a client, we promptly reward those of you who send us clients. It’s not only an incentive to build a good reputation amongst your network of friends and family, but it pays pretty good too. 

We love referred business because it’s usually from some of our best clients who want to share the experience and value we bring to them.

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