Every business must have cash on hand to survive.

Many times, the only valuable asset businesses can leverage are receivables. Factoring becomes a valuable resource for businesses when selling receivables is their best option for obtaining cash. When a factoring company is able to assist a business, the following positive things occur:

The business gets the cash today to meet payroll, pay bills, pay taxes, and take care of other obligations.

The business is not paying more than they would with 2-net-10 terms, which they are usually willing to give anyway to customers.

The business doesn't run the risk of customers taking the 2% discount and still taking 30 or more days to pay, which happens.

The business is not paying more than if they accepted credit cards instead of extending credit.

Factoring vs Lending
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  • Startup process can take as little as 1 day
  • No financial covenants
  • Focus is the creditworthiness of your customers
  • Factoring agreement are flexible and easy
  • No financial statement required
  • Advance 70-100% of collateral
  • Startups and new companies welcome
  • No cap on receivables funded

Bank Lending

  • Startup process can weeks or months
  • Bank will require financial covenants
  • Focus is on your creditworthiness
  • Bank loan documents take time to prepare
  • Bank will require financial statement, most likely audited
  • Advance 50-80% of collateral
  • Require a minimum length of time in business
  • Cap on receivables funded

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