Why Millennials Should Consider Truck Driving

Millennials are now the largest demographic segment of the workforce. This generation is primarily defined as the first generation to grow up with access to modern technology, particularly the Internet.

Here are a few reasons why millennials should consider truck driving.

Stereotypes are Changing

The truck driving industry has a lingering reputation of only being suitable for brawny men with long beards who practically live in their trucks. However, this stereotype is long overdue for a makeover. The days of heavy lifting and hard to maneuver big-rigs are in the past. You don’t need extra muscle to be a truck driver, which is one reason why trucking is now a career enjoyed by women all over the country. Trucks now have more luxurious cabs with power steering, state-of-the-art technology, and everything from hood releases to dollies are now hydraulic. Everything works with the push of a button, which means the world of trucking is more accessible than ever before.

The Trucking Demand Means Competitive Wages 

As the age of truckers rises, more and more trucking jobs are becoming available. This increased need for truckers is only making starting salaries increase as well. In 2017, the average starting wage for a trucker was around $40,000 per year. Truckers are also typically offered excellent benefits including 401Ks and healthcare. While $40,000 may be the starting salary, there is plenty of growth in the industry. Some truckers even make upwards of $80,000 based on experience and mileage.

Getting Paid Quickly

Newly aspiring truckers may be overwhelmed by the fiscal waiting periods of Net 30, Net 40, or even Net 90 invoices, but this is no longer an issue. Factoring allows new owner/operators to get paid in an instant with a very small fee paid to the factoring company for handling your accounts. The bonus is that these factoring companies often act as your financial assistant thus taking the hassle out of collecting your wages and keeping you on the road hauling more loads. On top of that, Sunbelt Finance offers a Broker Credit Check system that allows you to see if the broker you’re hauling for is worth your time and effort to work for. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Advancements in Autonomous Vehicles

While people fear that autonomous vehicles may cause truckers to lose jobs, this if far from reality. In fact, advancement in the trucking industry would only make truckers’ lives easier by solving any problems they may currently be facing. 

Autonomous vehicles will still require drivers to be alert and present in the vehicle at all times. However, with advancements such as platooning, which links trucks together via WIFI to reduce fuel consumption and accidents, drivers would not have to be as active in controlling the vehicle. This would allow drivers to not become mentally exhausted after long hours behind the wheel, and most importantly, it would mean their jobs were safer.

Truck Driving Requires Minimal Requirements 

Unlike most jobs that have starting salaries around $40,000, commercial truck driving does not require an expensive college degree. To become a trucker, one only needs to complete an accredited course. These trucking schools typically cost between $3,000-$7000 which is far less than a four year degree. Additionally, it does not take long to become a qualified driver. The average school will only take seven weeks to complete, meaning a new trucker can be out on the road within a few months of making a career change.

Commercial trucking isn’t a career for everyone. It’s an industry known for long, grueling hours and spending weeks away from home. But it’s also a field that’s growing, and there’s a high demand for drivers. In fact, the American Trucking Association noted that the industry would need to hire nearly one million drivers to meet rising demand. The trucking industry is in desperate need for talent, and the shortage of drivers is only getting worse.

The Bottom Line

With Millennials as the bulk of the workforce and with growing demands for trucking companies and drivers, this is why Millennials should consider truck driving.

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