Truckers Are Keeping America Moving Forward

Truckers are keeping America moving forward by supplying stores, restaurants, and healthcare professionals with the goods needed to keep everyone fed, treated, and even entertained. The celebration is even being touted by celebrities.

In this trying time, it’s nice to know that essential positions across America are still being facilitated. Nurses, Doctors, Firefighters, Pollice, Military, and Truckers among others are the ones getting things done.

Keeping America Moving Forward Economically

Truckers are braving the epidemic of the COVID-19 virus to get life-saving goods to the people, but they’re also saving the economy. There’s no doubt that certain jobs may not become available during the social distancing period of quarantine, but many are still going to work and rely heavily on the goods delivered by truckers. This is preferable to a complete shutdown of business and keeps our economy stable during a time of crisis. With the low cost of fuel, it’s the perfect time for truckers to take advantage of the opportunities to maintain and refuel their trucks as well as their facilities.

Truckers Are Adapting

Many truckers are having to adapt to a landscape barren of open restaurants and places to use the restroom so they’re having to adapt and plan their trips accordingly. Convenience stores are open and some restaurants are open for take-out only, so there are some options. A few lounges are open and truck stops are keeping an eye on the number of people occupying them. Almost every buffet line has been closed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Federal restrictions on the number of hours truckers can spend driving have been relaxed in an effort to expedite the supply of goods and services across the United States.

Sunbelt Finance Is Supportive

We are working as hard as we can to fund our clients so that they can continue delivering the goods and services needed to battle this virus. Factoring and paying out the cash you need is how we are keeping America moving forward. Find out how we can help you.

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