The Hope Circle: Sunbelt Finance Team Members make a Positive Impact.

As 2019 draws to a close, we want to thank the many individuals, businesses, foundations, and community leaders who stepped up to support projects like The Hope Circle that supports the needs of our community’s cancer patients.

Sonya and Bethanne Make The Delivery

Bethanne and Sonya team with all their colleagues to support the various programs and causes that are important to them.

“To have such a positive result is amazing for a company as small as ours.” – Lee

“Several of our employees have family that have been affected by cancer so we all gather supplies for them to give to Hope Circle every year. Hope Circle offers families that have members suffering from terminal illnesses such as cancer support. We donate yarn, lotions, hand sanitizers, puzzles, hats and socks to give to patients that receive chemotherapy.” – Bobbie

The Hope Circle

The Hope Circle is a cancer wellness and benefits program that includes detailed information on the emotional health of survivors. The program also teaches patients and families how to manage the stress of cancer and cancer treatment, how to engage with the cancer community, how to apply healthy habits to lifestyle, and encourages positive thoughts and conversations that will improve the quality of their life.

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