Surprising Places To Eat During COVID-19

Looking for a place to park your rig and eat during the craziness known as COVID-19? We’ve looked all over the internet for ten places to eat while you’re on the road. With routes all over the continental US, were hoping some of these places might be on the way as you power through, keeping America stocked and plentiful. Ashley over at CDLife found at least 9 places that are catering to truckers and I am gonna add a few more for at least 10. Let’s lay the hammer down and get through this list so you can eat.

Places To Eat: Hodgenville, Kentucky

If you are a trucker, and need to take time off the road in or near Hodgenville, we will assist you in getting chow. It…

Posted by Hodgenville Police Department on Tuesday, 17 March 2020

The police department in Hodgenville, Kentucky is actively reaching out to truckers to assist them in getting food while restaurants are closed for dining in. Since many trucks can’t use the drive-through, this is an awesome gesture and shows that the people of Hodgenville are doing the right thing to keep America running.

Delivery: CDL Meals

While many of us have the option to order meals from HelloFresh or Blue Apron, that hasn’t been an option for truckers until recently. CDL Meals is a meal delivery service that promotes healthy eating habits specifically for truckers. Their claim is that you can have meals delivered nationwide. The meals are fresh and fast to heat up. They even have options for fleets. The original article by CDLLife is here.

Love’s Truckstops Go Full Service

According to Love’s truckstops have begun full-service dining options to keep truckers options open for food, fuel, and rest. They have announced new full service drink and coffee stations as well as a full-service deli.

Currently, all our Love’s locations are open for customers, including Love’s Truck Care centers and Speedco locations. To further our commitment to prioritize health and safety, we are converting all self-service roller grills, the coffee and drink bars and the delis to full-service by Love’s team members at all Love’s locations. To be clear, this change means only Love’s team members will serve products like hot dogs, coffee and fountain drinks. We will, of course, continue to follow proper safety glove procedures while operating the full-service stations and, approximately every 30 minutes, trade out grill tongs and fountain nozzles with clean, sanitized replacements.

Places To Eat: Quail Creek Fire Department (Wrightsville AR)

The Quail Creek Fire department is signaling truckers on the weekends to let them know they have free meals available. The fire department is a volunteer fire department so many of them work during the weekend. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for updates. They’re located just off of the 530 corridor south of Little Rock, AR.

Quail Creek F.D.Update 3/22 749PM Central TimeThank you for coming today we are out of food we will Lord willing…

Posted by Cody Church on Saturday, 21 March 2020

Iowa Motor Truck Association

The Iowa Motor Truck Association is providing 1,000 complimentary boxed lunches for truck drivers this week. They’re distributing only at lunchtime along I-80 at the Jasper County and Dallas County weight stations.

Local Volunteers in Jackson, Tennessee

Screen Shot 2020 03 20 At 2.31.44 Pm

According to Local Channel 7 in Jackson, TN, local volunteers have set up shop just off of exit 87 in Jackson and are bringing food to truckers who are working but aren’t able to dine in the local restaurants.

Barbecue in Amarillo, TX

On March 22, local volunteers took to the BBQ pit and started serving lunches to truckers for lunch. The idea came about from a local, Donnie Parden, who spent time as a trucker and was looking for a way to help today’s truckers who are still on the road during the COVID-19 Pandemic. They served Brisket, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Beans, and more. Keep an eye on this project as you pass through Amarillo.

Palmdale Sheriff’s Department in Palmdale, CA

If you haven't already heard restaurants and fast food chains have started limiting their dining room access, leaving…

Posted by Palmdale Sheriff's Station on Wednesday, 18 March 2020

If you’re looking for places to eat in Palmdale, CA, look no further than the local sheriff’s department. Since restaurants in California aren’t allowed to do walk-up or take-out orders, the sheriff deputies are ordering through the drive-through windows and delivering the food to the truckers.

COVID-19 Truck Driver Meals – Divalani Style, Seattle

A fundraiser has been started to raise enough money to feed 1500 truckers in Seattle, Washington. For more information, you can visit their GoFundMe page.

Italian Food and Smokehouse Bistro: Burlington, NC

Sal’s Italian Restaurant and Smokehouse Mobile Bistro are teaming up to provide hot meals for truckers in the Burlington, NC area. The owner of Sal’s posted on Facebook that they would be cooking meals for Truckers. If you’re looking for food in NC, hit up Sal Mazz.

**UPDATE**We will getting the water turned on tomorrow to the building so that the truckers will have the facilities…

Posted by Sal Mazz on Saturday, 21 March 2020

In Conclusion

While this is not an exhaustive list of places to eat, it is a very good indicator of the appreciation Americans have for truckers. While there may not be a free meal at every exit, there are still options open to truckers such as Love’s and other truckstops who have been adapting to fit demand. If you’re looking for ways to get the most out of your money and have some cash to live on, give us a call or fill out the form below. We can get you the money you need to eat, refuel, relax, and roll on with a plan that fits your business.

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