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Sunbelt Finance, LLC Approaches 25 Years of Excellence in The Factoring Industry

Our company, Sunbelt Finance, LLC, is approaching its twenty-fifth anniversary! Mickey Seeman started the business in 1995. Factoring has been so successful for so many of our clients that we have many long term clients. It’s great to see your legacy start to flourish and retain long-term relationships. It’s even better to look back and remember everyone that helped make it all possible. After all, what is a financial institution without employees? So, to every single person at Sunbelt Finance, friends, and customers, thanks for coming along on our adventure!

Here are a few photos of our team over the years.

Today, Sunbelt Finance, LLC, is one of three family-owned and operated businesses in Jonesboro, Arkansas, providing financial solutions to carriers all over the United States. Our company was founded to move our clients down the road with as little fiscal resistance as possible.

Through individualized partnerships with the most exceptional financial institutions, we are capable of providing our clients with the best business, accounting, and cash flow management available to them. We have extensive experience in sales, invoice management, accounts receivable, and financial planning. We rely on our combined expertise to provide some of the best business management services in the country.

Our excellent financial management team has enabled us to add value to our clients’ accounts. Our growth and development as a company in the factoring industry has been solely a result of our financial strength. The company has created many new positions to manage our clients’ portfolios over time, thus creating job growth in Northeast Arkansas. We couldn’t do it without our wonderful clients.

We look forward to putting our best foot forward in 2020. Thanks for all the memories and good times over the last 25 years. Let’s put another 25 years on the books!

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