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How to start a trucking company: 5 Rules Of Thumb

Introduction: Start a trucking company

Here are five rules you should know on how to start a trucking company. When it boils down, these are the things that will separate you from failure. Follow along as we get to the real meat of how to start a trucking company and keep it successful.

Rule 1:

Everything – Like everything else in life, even the difference between incandescent and incandescent light bulbs and whether flat tires are safer than ceramic ones – is relative. A truck is a truck, but as with anything else, it comes down to cost. It will cost less to start a company than it will to purchase a truck. And starting a company means starting a route. For many routes in the United States, there are only two trucking companies. Start a new route – especially one that’s not significantly traffic-dominated – and you could net some pretty big savings. Picking the right route is the first and most important step. It will determine how much you need to spend to get started, as well as where your money will flow and where it won’t.

Rule 2:

Know your costs. Those costs include everything from buying your truck to road tolls and licenses. If you’re unsure of how to fund these costs, we can help. Contact us for help or read about manageing fuel prices here.

Rule 3:

Set goals and meet them. Create a budget that starts with the cost of your vehicle and costs any other vehicles you need.

Rule 4:

Create a route. Each day, do a list of that day’s routes and the amount of miles that each route requires. See whether any of your customers are looking for new carriers on your route. This is the tricky part. All of your plans may not work out as you hoped, and as you build your route, you’ll see some holes. A route is usually a loose rolling map, so you’ll have to get creative and think outside the box. Spend time talking to your customers to see how they want you to meet their transportation needs. They will, after all, need reliable shipping, and so will you.

Rule 5:

Repeat. Expand on your route day by day. Figure out how many hours are needed to make up your route. How much time do you really need? Is it 30 hours to make up your route? Perhaps 20? How many miles do you need to make up the day? What are your average rates for deliveries? If you can expand your routes on a daily basis, you’ll actually make more money, and faster.

These are Good Rules of Thumb to Start A Trucking Company

Make those decisions now, and this is how you start a trucking company. If you aren’t sure what routes to start or how to set up, just call us up. We’ll be very willing to help. More importantly, I guarantee we’ll be more willing to look at your proposal once you start seeing results.
Sunbelt Finance has the expertise and skills it takes to help you alleviate more than half of these rules’ issues. With cash flow you can depend on, you can focus on hauling.

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