Australian Bushfires: Aid for Victims and Firefighters

The Australian Bushfires have been burning for weeks now. We would like to remind anyone and everyone that can help that it’s not too late to save a life or put out a fire. We have included two direct ways to send financial aid to the citizens of Australia as they face a disaster of epic proportions.

Australian Bushfires: New South Wales Fire Brigade

As the Australian Bushfires continue to burn in New South Wales, many groups are asking for financial donations-instead of donated goods-to help them best meet the varying needs of victims. The NSW Fire Brigade has set up a single place online for those seeking to deliver aid. You can use your credit card to donate to the local brigade, or to the RFS in general, via this link.

The Salvation Army Assists Evacuees and Emergency Responders

The Salvation Army initiated a disaster call to help assist evacuees and emergency services during the current crisis. Salvation Army teams are currently working in nearly a dozen evacuation centers where, among other items, they provide food to evacuees and firefighters. The Salvation Army warned that rehabilitation will be a long and difficult process. Help the Salvos here.

We hope that you can help deliver relief for our friends in Australia. We’ll be sure to share this with everyone we possibly can.


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