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FMCSA Guidance on Person Conveyance

As we posted on June 1st, the FMCSA is now allowing some flexibility in the Hours of Service (HOS) rules for drivers. The FMCSA has also issue some additional guidance on personal conveyance under the HOS rules. A PDF of the FMCSA guidance can be obtained by using the link below:

Here are some general rules from the new guidance:

  • Carriers may either allow or disallow personal conveyance.
  • There is no restriction on personal conveyance such as miles or time of day.
  • Personal conveyance is off-duty status, drivers are no longer working.
  • A truck can be loaded or empty and still be eligible for personal conveyance.
  • Commuting to and from home with the truck is considered personal conveyance.

Please check out the guidance for more specifics.


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