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Confusion caused by Congress will cost you more money

Congress is again holding out a faint hope of delaying the ELD mandate. Representative Brian Babin of Texas introduced House Bill H.R. 3282 which would delay the mandate for two years.

However, with Congress is in recess until September 5, it is unlikely anything will be passed in time to delay the mandate.

With only time running out, vendors are now telling us ELDs may not be available in a timely manner for everyone who needs one. This means waiting may force truckers to pick less than the best options to keep running.

Waiting is fast becoming a very risky option.

Misconception 1 – Some people are under the misconception that the ELD mandate has been delay. It has not. There is a bill in the House of Representatives, but time is running out for lawmakers to act. Given the past performance of Congress, I would not bet my business on getting an early Christmas present from Congress. Most people in the know say the mandate will not be delayed.

Misconception 2 – There is no small fleet exemption. The ELD mandate applies to all carriers, even owner-operators.

Misconception 3 – The “Pre-2000” exemption applies to the engine, not the truck. This means if you truck has an engine with a model year of 1999 or earlier, you are exempt. If your  pre-2000 truck has a later year engine, you are not exempt.

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