Sunbelt Finance Service-1 Know Your Cost or Your Lost Maintenance

Know Your Cost or Your Lost

15¢ per mile. That is the average maintenance and repair cost for a fleet according to the American Transportation Research Institute. Maintenance and repairs are about 10% of a fleets vehicle operating cost.

Fleets do 75% of their maintenance in house according to MacKay & Company. While past surveys done indicate fleets are trying to outsource maintenance, the percentage remains steady. The primary reason fleets keep the work in house is turnaround time. However, as trucks continue to get more complex and qualified mechanics are harder to find, outsourcing may become more of a necessity.

Fleets looking for an outside service provider need to identify the reason for outsourcing and select a provide who can meet your needs, not just the cheapest. It is not just price, but how quick you can get on the road.

For more information check out this article from HDT Truckinginfo.

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